Breast Cancer Cells Can Be Prevented by Electromagnetic Field

Spreading of Breast Cancer Cells Can Be Prevented by Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic fields may assist prevent some breast cancers from spreading to other parts of the physique, a new study has discovered.

The research confirmed that low-intensity electromagnetic fields hindered the mobility of particular breast cancer cells by preventing the formation of long, thin extensions at the edge of a migrating cancer cell. The analysis was carried out on cells in a lab, and the concept hasn’t but been examined in animals or humans. The research was revealed today within the journal of Communications Biology.

“A cancer cell has a tendency to do the most harmful thing imaginable,” stated Jonathan Song, lead author of the research. The Song is an assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at The Ohio State University and a member of the molecular biology and cancer genetics program at Ohio State’s Complete Cancer Center.

That capacity to not only proliferate locally however spread throughout the body is what makes cancer so devastating—and what prompted the analysis team to examine individual cancer cells to grasp what makes them so dangerous, Song mentioned.

“One very damaging thing these cells do is migrate to distant areas of the body,” he mentioned. “And what we realized here is that it appears by treating them with a certain class of electric field we’re altering their potential to spread somehow.”

The analysis team, which included engineers and cancer biologists, discovered that cancer cells appeared to sense both the presence of the electromagnetic fields and in addition the direction from which the fields were coming.