Nokia- 2.5 Times More Battery Life Technology Is Here
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Nokia- 2.5 Times More Battery Life Technology Is Here

Are you Frustrated with your smartphone running out of battery before the day is out? According to telecommunications firm Nokia, these days could soon be over.

Nokia Bell Labs, a subsidiary of Finnish producer Nokia, has now introduced a new smartphone battery design reportedly packing “2.5 times the battery life than anything currently available on the market”.

Crucially, the battery design was engineered so as not to increase the weight of the gadget, that means you’re not just packing in additional batteries to cope with the demands of modern smartphones. It also needs to be capable of a higher deal with power from renewable grids – solar, wind, etc. – which tend to fluctuate within the quantity of energy being offered throughout the day.

Nokia Bell Labs developed the technology with AMBER, a Research Center in Ireland that connects material science researchers with partners in the industry.

Paul King, a technical staffer at Nokia Bell Labs, added that “By packing extra power right into a smaller space, this new battery expertise can have a profound impact on 5G and your complete networked world.”

Whereas Nokia no longer makes its smartphones – preferring to license out the brand to HDM Global – we can be sure Nokia will be looking to license the technology out for industrial use down the line.

A representative for Nokia added that “A patent has been filed to protect the technology and we don’t have any particular timetable to offer, especially as we anticipate that other companies will bring the batteries to market.”

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